To read a parchment or an ancient certificate... Organise a library or an archive... Discover new documents...

Archive & Manuscripts

A line by line transcription

To easily compare original and transcript.

• This transcription copies the original manuscript into print.
• Lines are numbered and abbreviations highlighted (in brackets or italics).
• This transcript can then be used as a basis to learn palaeography.

Editing & translating texts

To make the reader grasp the details of the original document.

• Footnotes explain editor's choices, give technical information and identify the names of persons and places.

• Also available: translation in contemporary French or from Latin, English or German by freelance translators.

Courses in French Paleography

To discover the secrets of palaeography and progress by yourself

I would like to teach how to decipher a given alphabet, but also how to analyse a writing system in its aesthetic and social context.

These classes are aimed at genealogy associations and researchers, as well as at calligraphy and ancient writing enthusiasts.

Organization of books

Your library anew

Should you need help to organize the books of a library, fell free to contact me.
Patience and energy at your service!

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