How can I contact Décryptages?

For any question, you can reach me via the contact form. You are also welcome to contact me by mail as well as by phone or on skype (by appointment).

How is the estimate being calculated?

Upon receiving your message, I evaluate how much time I will need to complete the work. For a transcript, the price may vary according to the writing and the image quality. The estimate is free of charge and without obligation.

The contributions to URSSAF, the group of the French organizations for the payment of social security and family benefit contributions, constitute 22,90% of the generated income. As a freelance worker, I fall under the tax regulations of the French "micro-entreprise" and am thus exempted from VAT.

What entails the contract?

Once the estimate has been accepted, the contract relies upon the mutual trust that both parties will honour their engagement.

Once finished, how will the work be returned to me?

The finished document will be sent to you by e-mail (as a PDF document) or by post. If you wish for the latter, please send me a stamped envelope made out to your address or an envelope with an international reply coupon.

How does the payment work?

Most payments are made by cheque (issued by a bank in metropolitan France) or by bank transfer ; a receipt can be made out to you.

Every query and task is being treated as strictly confidential and dealt with individually. Any document or information you might give to me will neither be divulged or used elsewhere ; the copies of the manuscripts can be returned to you once the contract is finished.